Investing in the stock market is riskier than it's ever been, and with global central bank intervention, dishonest corporate executives, and governments that spend without limits, how is a hard-working Individual Investor supposed to protect their retirement account --- let-alone capture a positive return?

If you are looking for a better way-- one that some of the most successful Hedge Funds use -- keep reading…

As a BAM Global Professional subscriber you receive access to our:

BAM Model Portfolio
"Mini Hedge Fund" for the Individual Investor

Using every tool in our arsenal, we search the entire globe for the best, most profitable investment opportunities available before building our BAM Model Portfolio (BMP).

From stock indexes and bonds to precious metals, energy products, grains, and currencies, this is an exclusive 'peek behind the curtain' allowing you access to the same trading and investing ideas our large Hedge Fund and Professional Trading clients receive.

With the use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's), and ETN's the BAM Model Portfolio (BMP) can take advantage of the most Bullish and Bearish predictions the Model is making.

  • This is our 'Mini Hedge Fund' comprised of a basket of hand-picked ETF's - you'll see where we're investing to exploit the best profit opportunities the BAM Model has identified
  • Instant alerts notifying you of any changes in the BMP allocation
  • ETF's provide a quick and easy way to invest - with bullish or bearish positions in stock indexes, commodities and currencies anywhere in the world

ETF's provide a way to leverage model predictions in Global Macro Markets - we can make a bearish bet in worldwide markets or a bullish bet on wheat..., without opening a Futures account.

We use the same specific predictions and setups that are provided to the largest institutional / Hedge Fund clients, and then WE BUILD THE BMP - saving you $1,000s.

As an example, if the BAM Model is Bullish the grain market, instead of setting up a Commodities account like ours, individuals may choose to simply buy shares of the 'JJG' ETF, which is composed of 3 commodities: Soybeans (46%), Wheat (30%), and Corn (24%)…all within their personal online brokerage account.

As a BAM Global Professional you will also gain access to your own private Dashboard, where you will receive real-time alerts From The Desk of JG Savoldi that include general market feedback, BMP positions and ongoing predictions (including intra-day messages for active traders!). You will also have access to the Bonus section with live Q&A interviews and market discussions, a Special Reports section for Global Pros only, and the BAM Report Archive.

Early Warning System
Portfolio Insurance for the Individual Investor

The primary goal of our Early Warning Systems (EWS) is to help you protect your portfolio and/or profit from the next major market move.

Using our proprietary BAM-VI, (Velocity Indicator) we monitor stock market risk levels 24 hours per day - both up and down - and post the results on our Member-Only website.

We like to think of it as portfolio insurance, allowing you to sleep at night knowing your investments are safe.

EWS Subscribers get:

  • Instant notification if the BAM Model detects an imminent stock market CRASH
  • Instant notification if the BAM Model detects an imminent stock market MELT-UP
  • Instant Alerts of any changes in the BAM Model's forecast for a market Crash or Rally, allowing you to take fast action
  • Real-Time, periodic updates on what the Model sees coming
  • Access to the easy-to-use Member-only Dashboard for current status on the latest BAM Model crash/melt-up predictions

What do we consider a “Crash” or “Melt-up?”

Any fast-market move that carries the S&P 500 to a 10% gain or loss within ten trading sessions, or a 22% gain or loss within twenty-two trading sessions would qualify under our definition.

With a bearish EWS Alert, you can either protect your portfolio by getting out of the way of the next market crash, or do what we do and exploit the decline (invest in profit-generating positions prior to the predicted move) in order to supercharge your returns (during an expected “melt-up”, we want to be fully invested in aggressive areas of the market as identified by the BAM Model).

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...we'll even include FREE access to our EWS ($385/value)
JG Savoldi's BMP performance since inception on Feb 2015 through October 7, 2016 shows 90 closed winners, 2 closed losers, 3 closed break-even. (Future results may not match past performance)