By subscribing to the BAM S&P Directional Indicator, you'll know whether our proprietary model is Long or Short the S&P 500 Index.  This is NOT a day-trader product.  This is an institutional-grade product for individual investors owning Mutual Funds and Index Funds.  

As you probably know, a rising or falling tide tends to move all ships. As the Global Stock Markets 'behave' more in sync with each other, the direction of the US stock market can dramatically affect international markets and your investments. We closely monitor the S&P 500 Index as a way to predict future trends that may affect our overall investment strategy. It is becoming much more difficult to diversify your portfolio internationally as most overseas markets rise and fall with the US Stock market tide.

So whether you invest in index funds, futures, commodities, currencies, individual stocks or ETF's, the BAM Directional Indicator will show you whether we're Bullish or Bearish so you don’t get caught on the wrong side of a major market move.

Here's what you get as a S&P 500 Directional Indicator subscriber:

BAM Updates

General BAM related updates include commentary from the developer of the Model, JG Savoldi, answers to questions, and notification of any partnerships, products or tools that will help you to protect your portfolio and enhance returns. We will also broadcast user feedback, experiences and comments we feel will benefit subscribers.

S&P Directional Indicator Alerts

Instant Alerts are sent via email and text to notify you of any change in the BAM Model's predicted direction of the S&P 500 Index. If our Model gives us a reason to 'alter course', we'll notify you the moment it happens. Alerts will ONLY be sent when there's a change…so if you don't hear from us, rest assured the Model is working hard 24/7 to identify the next turning point.  (A $332.00/year VALUE)

Access to the Member Only Dashboard

In addition to the email updates and alerts mentioned above, you will have 24 hour access to the BAM Investor Dashboard where you'll see whether the BAM Model is Bearish or Bullish the S&P 500 Index, periodic messages 'From the Desk of JG Savoldi' (where he provides real-time feedback on what's going on in the market and what the Model sees coming), Charts that give specific targets and 'Magnet' levels, Bonus' like expert interviews and member-only Q&A calls.

BONUS!!  BAM-EWS (Early Warning System) 

Using our proprietary BAM-VI (Velocity Indicator) to look for Crash/Melt-Up alerts, we monitor stock market risk levels 24 hours per day-- both UP and DOWN-- and post the results on our password protected client website.   Our EWS provides instant notification if the BAM-VI detects an imminent stock market CRASH or an imminent stock market MELT-UP.  This Real Time Alert is sent to your email and PDA, allowing you to take action FAST.  Think of it as portfolio insurance, allowing you to sleep well at night knowing your portfolio is safe.    (A $385.00/year VALUE)

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