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A Message From the Developer of the BAM Model:

MARKET TIMING DOES WORK if you use the proper methodology

What I’d like you to believe—and I have literally hundreds of real-world examples right here on this website—is that, through my discovery of “Behavioral Analysis,” I’ve been predicting market moves for many years!

That’s right…MARKET TIMING DOES WORK if you use the proper methodology.

Why am I Sharing This With You?

I’m sick and tired of listening to these so-called “experts” mislead you based on their own ineptitude or laziness. Trust me, I’ve been forced to deal with some of these people over the years and their arrogance—especially given how utterly wrong they’ve been—is simply astonishing to me. Do you have any idea how much money these people are paid every year, year after year—whether they’re correct or INCORRECT?

Believe me…it would boggle your mind!

Behavioral Analysis of Markets

My name is J.G. Savoldi and it took me almost twenty years, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars, to create my “Behavioral Analysis of Markets” model—the model now gaining world-wide notoriety as one of the few systems credited with identifying and profiting from the economic chaos of 2008-2009.

Before launching the BAM Report, I worked at a multi-billion dollar hedge fund in San Francisco California and it was while working at that fund that my “BAM Model” predicted pretty much every major financial event that has unfolded over the past three years.

Remember, these events, (most call them “unpredictable” or “Black Swans”) brought down major banks, brokerage firms and hedge funds across the globe.

From the housing market collapse to the demise of mortgage companies, brokerage companies, banks, and others, my Behavioral Analysis of Markets Model not only protected us but helped us profit.

In fact, this model is so flexible, we also identified and profited from:

  • the boom and ‘surprising’ bust in the crude oil market
  • the ‘unexpected’ explosive move in the YEN
  • and the monster bull markets in corn and wheat!

You see, the BAM model works equally well whether analyzing stock markets, bond markets, currencies markets, commodities markets, or any other type of market and it’s that unique attribute that allows us to build a hedge-fund-like portfolio suitable for any market environment.

Inflation or deflation—it simply doesn’t matter.

Bull market or bear market—it doesn’t matter.

We’re able to select from hundreds of ETF’s (Exchange-Traded Funds) in order to build a “Model Portfolio” that makes money in any market environment and that means we can compete with anyone on the globe!

Every day we answer to no one but the profit and loss column of the BMP “BAM Model Portfolio.”

Using my proprietary “Behavioral Analysis of Markets” (or BAM theory) we PREDICT future price movements in markets ranging from stocks and bonds to currencies and commodities and, for the first time ever, I’m going to allow the public access to this powerful investment tool.

How is it that some investors always anticipate and profit from what the talking heads on Wall Street explain away as “unpredictable, unforeseen, or unknowable?”

After investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in this model, I discovered that human-traded markets exhibit repeatable emotional patterns of booms and busts and that those patterns are not only predictable, but dynamic. What I mean by dynamic is that although the boom-bust cycle repeats itself, both the periodicity and amplitude (of the boom and bust) differ greatly.

Let me repeat that point because it’s the key to my entire discovery.

Boom and bust cycles repeat themselves but BOTH THE PERIODICITY AND AMPLITIDE OF THE BOOM AND BUST DIFFER GREATLY from cycle to cycle.

This is why, I believe, most people give up on market timing! They’re focusing on fixed cycles and fixed pain thresholds (the market’s ability to withstand pain associated with loses) as opposed to understanding that both cycles and human pain thresholds—what I refer to as “market resiliency”—are DYNAMIC!!!

It’s really that simple. I got lucky and figured out a way to capture information that tells me when and HOW STRONGLY market participants will react when exposed to future stresses created by greed or fear.

Good luck in everything you do. I hope you’ll join us soon!

Sincerely, JG Savoldi

Founder of the BAM Report and creator of the BAM Model


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